Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Deducted by51 % of independentsFrequency1/5x per year

Rules changed in 2020!
You deduct your car according to the professional use you have of it and, since January 2020 for a large part of vehicles, according to this new rule :

120% – (0.5% x coefficient x CO2/km)

The CO2/km, you will find it in the documents of your vehicle. The coefficient will be as follows:

Diesel and hybrid variants: 1
Natural gas (below the 11 fiscal horsepower): 0,90
Gasoline: 0.95

All company cars, whether new or used, put into circulation before 2020, fall under this new regime.

All cars ordered or purchased from 2018 onwards by a natural person will also fall under this regime.

Did you, as a self-employed as a natural person, buy or order your car before 2018? You are still using the old system of deductibility, in stages.


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