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Deduct fuel costs


Fiscal risk

All types of fuel are deductible, but one might be more fiscally attractive than the other.

🚘 You can deduct your car fees, like fuel, according to the professional use of the vehicle. If 70% of your travels is for professional purposes, you can only deduct 70% of those costs. Please note that traveling from home to work doesn’t count as a professional purpose!

🚘 🚘 Of those 70% (or whatever percentage applies to you), you can deduct a (small or large) part of your fuel costs based on the date you bought your car and your car’s emissions.

1/ Did you buy your car before 31/12/2017?

You deduct at least 75%. Search the percentage applicable to you in the table below:

Gasoline/diesel + CO2 emissions between 1 and 60 gr = 100% deductibility

Gasoline/diesel + CO2 emissions between 61 and 105 gr = 90% deductibility

Gasoline + CO2 emissions between 106 and 125 gr = 80% deductibility

Diesel + CO2 emissions between 106 and 115 gr = 80% deductibility

Above these levels, you can deduct 75%

2/ Did you buy your car after 31/12/2017?

Until 31/12/2019 you apply the rules stated above (for cars bought before 2018).

From 2020 you use the following formula:

120% - (0,5% x fuel coefficient x CO2/km)

Do you drive on diesel? The fuel coefficient is 1

Do you drive on gasoline? The fuel coefficient is 0,95

Do you drive on compressed natural gas? The fuel coefficient is 0,9 up until 11 fiscal horsepower, afterwards it’s 0,95

⚠️ For VAT, the deductibility of this cost depends on the professional part of it, with a maximum of 50%

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