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Internet fees

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Deducted by88 % of independentsAverage amount deducted100per monthFrequency1x per month

Internet fees are generally viewed as ‘mixed’ costs
For self-employed ‘natural persons’ who work from home, the deductibility of your internet fee depends on how much time you work from home (ie professional use), with a maximum of 75%.

For example, do you work from home 3 days a week? Then you can deduct 43% from your taxes and VAT. Easy right?

The tax authorities know that you probably also use your internet connection for your private life. So be honest and deduct proportionate to your working time.

If you have a specific connection for your office, separate from your family plan, you can of course deduct it 100%. But, be careful, be ready to justify why you have two subscriptions.

💡 Are you in a company and does the contract belong to your company? The deductibility roofs are then automatically applied, with the above-mentioned VAT tolerance.


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