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Deduct tools and machines

100 %

Fiscal risk

Take into account the useful life of these recent investments!

Did you invest in a machine that is necessary to your business?

You can deduct it as a professional charge.

You deduct it, each year, at the depreciation rate aligned with its "useful life" .

As an indication, we are talking about 3 years for a smartphone, 10 years for the development of professional premises, 30 years for a building...

Are you self-employed in a company? You should know that on 1 January 2020, a pro rata temporis depreciation came into force for all assets acquired in 2020. You therefore deduct on a pro rata basis for the coming months in the year of your purchase.

Are you self-employed as an individual? There is no pro rata temporis depreciation. Did you buy in October? You still deduct as if you had used your tool or machine the entire year.

Some specific investments are eligible for increased deduction for investment. Look in this list of the FPS Finance if this might be the case for you too: https://bit.ly/2KJaNwc

Between March and December 2020, this deduction increases to 25%. This is a government decision, in the context of the corona crisis.

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