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Deduct your pension plan as a self-employed

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Fiscal risk

PSPS, PASE: we help you make sense of all this!

You may have heard about this already: the pension for the self-employed is not the most generous one.

Fortunately, setting up a Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-employed (PSPS) allows you to supplement safely the basic pension you receive as a self-employed person. In addition, this investment in your future pension is fully deductible.

Concretely, for a PSPS, you pay a maximum of 8.17% of your net taxable income, with a minimum of €100 and a maximum of €3,256.87 for the 2020 tax year.

In short: it's a great way to optimise your taxes today and prepare for the future at the same time!

Note that the premiums you pay under a PAS, or Pension Agreement for the Self-Employed, are not deductible. They do, however, give you a tax advantage of 30%. The maximum amount you pay is limited by the 80% rule.

Would you like to see what a PSPS, a PAS, or both, can do for you? We can only advise you to try this simulator created by Easyvest. Very easy to adapt to your personal situation, it gives you a simple but complete overview: [https://bit.ly/3ds6RwE]:(here )

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