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Deduct your water, gas and electricity expenses

100 %

Fiscal risk

Under which conditions can you deduct your water, gas and electricity expenses?

The costs related to your office are fully deductible, as is the rent for the same workspace.

For the deduction, we will separate two distinct cases: in the first case, you rent a dedicated workspace, separate from your home and in the second, you have a part of your house assigned to your professional space.

If you rent a dedicated space, it's very simple: the entire invoice is deductible, both for VAT and tax.

When you allocate part of your accommodation to your professional activity, you can deduct the professional portion of the expenses related to it. It is therefore not 100% of the cost of these invoices that you will be able to deduct, but a part of it, based on the ratio between the professional area and the total area.

Do you combine a dedicated office and a home space? The 2 rules can be combined: take advantage of them.

❓ The rule is clear: it will be necessary to study the plan of the space and define the fraction occupied by the office space. Don't exaggerate the space occupied by your office: the administration generally tolerates a maximum of 15% and will not hesitate to visit your office during a possible control. You have been warned.

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